Why there is always time for women to inspire your event audience

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Last year was one of those amazing times when you get to see something you believe in so thoroughly get the recognition you know it deserves.

When we set about creating a newsletter celebrating female speakers who spoke to our souls for last year’s International Women’s Day I’m not sure any of us quite expected the response to the same day this year.

Our social media feeds and inboxes were filled to the brim with inspirational, game changing posts and articles dedicated to the women changing the world, one small step at a time, from #metoo to #timesup

What struck me most however is how much further we have to go. Last year it was barely a blip on the radar and this year it was a huge global event but if we are to make real, tangible change we have to keep going.

In order not to drop the ball it’s our intention to keep shining a light on those women making huge changes in organisations across the globe and who are ideal for making your event audiences sit up, listen and change the world, one company, one woman at a time.

Entrepreneur and tech evangelist

There are very few more inspirational than Martha Lane Fox. A serial entrepreneur, Martha has overcome various physical and mental challenges to continue being at the top of her field.

As varied a speaker as her businesses Martha speaks on a wide range of topics including;

  • Digital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Social Media
  • Women in Tech
  • Workforce of the future
  • Women in Business
  • How tech can improve the UK
  • World Wide Web / E-Commerce / IT

Presenter, speaker and musician, LJ Rich is one of our most inventive presenters. When recently asked to speak at a conference about invention she took to the stage with a big idea. To use her music to share just how a composer, composes music, live on stage! See the video of this here+

An incredible technology and social media presenter, LJ is able to talk on a wide array of topics as well as host the most technologically advanced panels you can throw at her.

Read more about Anna in our exclusive interview, “But what if I fail?”

Global Adventurer and one time British Olympic Rower, Anna McNuff’s inspirational presentations tackle not only life as a sportswoman and adventurer but also her own lessons from working in marketing and even how to create a conference that doesn’t leave you snoozing in your chair by 2pm.

She’s our go to girl for inspiring, real life motivation, so much so that we sat her down and interviewed her last year, talking about her iconic TedTalk, “But what if I fail?”

We can only think that if failing means getting back up with the attitude and spunk that she has, and then we all need to live on the edge a little more!

Blaires, Punks in Suits podcast is a weekly hit of business and leadership, a podcast ideal for meandering train and car commutes.

Future of leadership speaker, Blaire works with clients from start to finish curating event experiences which transcend any keynote you’ve been to before. Working with clients objectives and helping open audience perspectives Blaires insights can help build new ways of working with a range of audiences.

Safias career has been a globally altering one. Focused on ethics, ending modern slavery and working with women all over the globe, Safia’s talks can teach even the oldest dog new tricks as to how to make this world a better place.

Safia discusses making the supply chain a fairer and more honest place as well as increasing global awareness and keeping steady profit growth.

Safia’s talks are not just business or ethics but the perfect blend of both. A must have for the modern workplace looking to engage with more transparency and consumer engagement.

Nelly Ben Hayoun is an award-winning director and designer of experiences and works with leading scientists and engineers, to devise subversive events and experiences.

Nelly pushes not only technology and experiences to the next level but she even pushes our horizons. A great, interactive speaker who encourages creative thinking.

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