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Wellness? You may be forgiven for believing that the new rise in the word, Wellness is just another ploy for millennials to demand more pay and fewer hours. However, the term wellness in fact comes from the 1950’s/60’s and 70’s and was crafted in California by an informal network of physicians and thinkers.

Having taken a slightly different form in recent year’s wellness strategies have begun revolutionising the way in which we approach health both physically and mentally, continuing to prove how beneficial it is in making employees happier and by extension businesses. Wellness it seems is leading the way to better success for both employee’s lives and businesses alike.

In particular Millennials are the most receptive to wellness strategies. Constantly searching for that illusive workplace balance Millennials are fast overtaking workforces and with it bringing a want for more balance in the workplace. In fact by 2020 Millennials will comprise of an estimated 75% of the workforce, so although new ideas may occasionally seem tedious they may just be essential to the future of your workforce.

Northern America currently offers the most comprehensive wellness programmes however; these same programmes have begun stretching across to the UK and Europe. The British government has also become involved and devised a 5 year plan for introducing more health initiatives into workplaces across the UK.

With that in mind we have been asking ourselves the question, what can our speakers offer workplaces looking to look after their employees better? Of course our first stop was our wealth of speakers who continue to embody wellness philosophies perfect for injecting a little wellness into the workplace.

The first three acts…

Safia Minney

Ethical Campaigner & Social entrepreneur


Safia Minney MBE, FRSA is Founder and Director of People Tree, the pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand. She developed the first organic and Fair Trade clothing supply chain and is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur.

Safia Minney provides businesses with a broad range of speaking topics, from ethical supply management and transparency, creating sustainable business models, social marketing and brand building.

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Jez Rose

The Behaviour Expert & The Good Life Project Farm

Jez Rose - Headshot

From being the renowned behavior expert Jez is taking to the wellness sector for 2017 by introducing us to, The Good Life project. A ground-breaking research project and behavior change programme, Jez and his team share the impacts of nature on health, wellbeing and behavior offering corporate get away’s for businesses looking to invest in their employees.

Get in touch with us to discover more and how The Good Life Project could be the most cost-effective way of creating a healthy, high performance culture in your organisation.

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Nick Jankel

Leadership and Breakthrough Speaker

Nick Jankel Headshot

The co-founder and CEO of Switch On Worldwide, Nick Seneca Jankel is an international keynote speaker who has inspired audiences worldwide including Google, Investec and No.10 Downing Street to breakthrough their most formidable challenges and metabolize problems into creative solutions.

Unleashing conscious change in leaders, their teams, organizations and regular people all over the world. Nick Jankel and his switch on team use their 25 years in the making methodology to cultivate and support enlightened, empowered and engaged leaders at every level of society to drive breakthrough changes that maximize thriving and reduce suffering in their companies, communities and families.

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