A Video from Jez Rose

The Good Life Project

As you can see in the rest of The Green Room we have been putting a lot of thought towards Wellness Strategies in the work place and thankfully we have also met with a couple of speakers who are also speaking up on wellness in the workplace!

Jez especially is the creator of The Good Life Project  as well as of course being the Behaviour Expert! Get in touch to find out more about Jez as a Speaker and The Good Life Project!

What is the Good Life Project?

A ground-breaking research project and behaviour change programme evidencing the impact of nature on health, wellbeing and behaviour.

Through published research, culture change programmes and exploring nature’s impact on people’s mental functioning, social relationships and physical well-being, the Project encourages greater interaction with nature, to create healthier and happier working environments.

The impact of nature on people is well documented. Just some of the many benefits of being in the presence of, or simply viewing nature, include reductions in stress, anxiety, blood pressure, anger and exhaustion, whilst increasing energy levels, cognitive functioning and happiness. The Good Life Project exists to demonstrate the efficacy of restorative environments and to encourage corporate responsibility in this area. Our research into the cognitive and emotional impact of nature in the working environment provides real-world, evidence-based suggestions, supported by data, for how organisations can achieve this with simple and cost-effective strategies.

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