Interview with Geoff Ramm

Creator of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘Observational Marketing’ and author of OMG (Observational Marketing Greats) Geoff is a multi-award winning keynote speaker who has inspired audiences around the world!

We were introduced to Geoff via a very large box of chocolates. This obviously was the first step to our hearts but the second and more prominent one was quite simply, Geoff Ramm.

Charming to the core and full of marketing wisdom as a speaker and keynote speaker, Geoff offers audiences an insightful look into real life marketing and customer service stories.

Then, even better we were lucky enough for Geoff to agree to be our December Green Couch Interviewee! We asked Geoff about all the interesting stuff so you can get to know your next speaker that little bit better!

Find out more about Geoff and his work by clicking on the link below and take a look at his speaking profile here+