Urban City Beats

Acoustic Duo

URBAN CITY BEATS are an amazing duo whose ability to electrify and move an audience is both unique and unstoppable! Always keeping the music raw, exciting and rootsy, their on-stage energy and presence is never short of 100%.

Urban City beats have come together to create a unique act, featuring the incredible guitar playing and heartfelt vocals of Julian Burdock (frontman of 5 times British Blues Awards nominated band, 24 PESOS) mixed with the fantastic BEATBOXING of Gael Cabado Barreno AKA.Gael Beatbox.

Bootstomping funk blues and contemporary beatbox at its very best, the music of URBAN CITY BEATS will take you into the 25th century and make you feel like a better person than the one you thought you were before.

For more information or to book...

020 7582 3048