The Living Pictures

Living Art

A fascinating display of interactive, living art, The Living pictures actually ‘speak’ to the audience through their professional dance skills.

The Living Pictures are suitable for any type of special event in galleries, museums, fairs, arts and theatre festivals, award ceremonies or as a highlight for gala events or lounges.

Even better you can even choose the type of art that you want to feature at your event! From Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Jean Dubuffet to Rene Magritte the options are endless! Each group is composed of five dancers who can either perform as a roaming act or an interactive stage show.

This act is customisable and the choice of paintings makes this performance really accessible for a wide range of audiences. Take your pick of some of our favourites below!

Act Description:

REMBRANDT: Inspired by one of the greatest painters in European arts and baroque style. Dancing portraits come to live as three-dimensional live-size sculptures.

SALVADOR DALI: Inspired by the surrealist work of Salvador Dali and his most recognizable painting – The persistence of memory. The images of soft melting pocket watch create real theatre dance experience.

ANDY WARHOL: Gallery inspired by visual art movement known as pop art. You can see in real Campbell’s Soup Cans dancing with colourful Marilyn. Art of images & colours in one show. This live act combines modernity and art in ways never seen before.

JEAN DUBUFFET:  Inspired by famous French painter’s & sculptor’s work. Eye-catching dance show in extraordinary costumes. You can’t miss this reflection of poetic pictures and colour illusion.

RENE MAGRITTE: Inspired by the painting of Belgian surrealist called Son of Man painted as self-portrait. Art of illusion and real stunning visual spectacle with Margritte’s puppets heads. Which one is the real? Watch carefully!

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