Scott Amyx

Managing Partner at Astor Perkins

Scott Amyx is the Chair and Managing Partner at Astor Perkins, TEDx Global Innovation Keynote Speaker, Forbes Singularity University Smart City Accelerator, SXSW Pithch/Accelerator, IBM Futurist, Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Fellow, National Sloan Fellow, Wiley Author, TechCrunch, Winner of Innovation Awards.

Book Scott Amyx to learn how to systematically and consistently create profound innovation. Break through traditional thinking. Inspire and challenge your audience. Scott delivers actionable insights in an energizing, experiential and engaging manner that creates an environment for real learning and change.

Company: Astor Perkins is a deep tech and sustainability VC that backs mavericks solving some of the hardest problems facing humanity on Earth and in Space.

From climate change and mitigation and adaptation, longevity and human survival on Earth and in deep space, to the space economy itself, Astor Perkins is tackling some of the most difficult scientific, engineering and technical problems that have global market potential.

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