DJ Sam Young

Popular DJ & Producer

Sam Young is a DJ, producer, remixer who has been honing his craft for decades. His DJ style is infectious and inclusive, and is a long-time favourite of London’s art and fashion crowds as well as the club scene. He is equally at home at a black tie gala or the most underground nightclub, and brings to both an impressive knowledge of diverse musical genres.

Sam has played Hollywood weddings (George Clooney), Royal Weddings (Freddie Windsor and rumoured to have played Prince William’s), superstar birthday bashes (Elton John), Film Premieres (Sex and the City, The Inbetweeners and The Golden Compass to name a few), the Monaco Grand Prix annually for the Red Bull F1 tea & the London Olympics closing party for Team USA alongside Swizz Beats and Nas.

Other past clients & events include:



Damien Hirst,

Laureus World Sports awards,


The Brit Awards,

Sam was the first person to be awarded the ‘Best DJ’ award twice at the London club and bar awards in 2007 & 2010.

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020 7582 3048