Prince Amir & Nazreddin

Majestic Camel & Meerkat Duo

From deep within the desert, Prince Amir the Meerkat rides atop his trusty companion, Nazreddin the wise old Camel.

Introduce wonder and witness the minuscule majesty of Amir and the curmudgeonly Camel who will laugh at anything . . . especially himself!

Encourage guests to join in with the pair’s jolly japes as Amir tries with varying success to steer the lazy beast onward whilst maintaining his inflated ego!

You can also take home a personal memory of the Middle Eastern magic of show with a selfie or photo with the pair at your next event!

We have a particular sweet spot for both Prince Amir and Nazreddin and putting them in your next event creates an instant showstopper! If you’re not too sure on how you can fit this dynamic duo into your event may we suggest working them into the following themes, Bollywood, Morocan or Arabian Nights, Pantomime, Christmas, Children’s Literary Events, Fantasy, Storybook and Magical Lands?

Even better if your event is hosted outside, such as a summer corporate party the pair will meander and prove that the magic of the middle east is not so easily forgotten!

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