Noreena Hertz

Economist and Strategic Thinker

Noreena is a renowned economist and strategic thinker with an impressive track record in predicting global trends, as well as a best-selling author who has spoken at such illustrious venues as the World Economic Forum, Davos and Google Zeitgeist, sharing platforms with such luminaries as President Bill Clinton, the late Professor Stephen Hawking and David Beckham amongst others..

In August 2017 Noreena launched her own show MegaHertz: London Calling on Sirius XM, the United States’ biggest radio network with 64 million listeners. Now listened to by a global audience, the show provides insights and analysis on what is happening in Europe and also a European take on what is happening in the US. She is the first and only non-US voice on the entire Sirius network. Previously she was ITV News’ Economics Editor where she led ITV’s economics coverage through a fascinating, fast-paced period that included the Referendum and its aftermath, the invoking of Article 50 and a General Election.

Her inspiring thoughtfully prepared Keynote Speeches combine a deep analytical understanding of global trends, threats and opportunities with practical solutions offered on how to make smarter decisions in a complex world; she leaves audiences with a vision for the future, arming them with strategies that can prepare them for the future.

She is also available as an Awards Host.

Speaking Topics include:

A world in flux: global trends & challenges & how to manage them.

In this Keynote Speech Noreena Hertz lays out what she sees as the key Global Trends of our times, identifies the challenges this means we face, and provides a series of insightful and counterintuitive steps we need to take if we are to successfully manage them.

How to make smart decisions in a complex world.

Here Noreena Hertz lays out concrete and counterintuitive steps we all can take to become much smarter and wiser decision makers ourselves. Steps that include hiring a Challenger-in-Chief, becoming a Digitally-Attune Information-Hunter-Gatherer, encouraging Dissent and Difference and Tapping into your Organisation’s Wisdom Within.

Truer faster: to succeed in the super-transparent world of Twitter, Facebook and Wikileaks.

This Keynote Speech reveals how successful corporations use the 3Cs to their advantage and lays out how new technologies can be deployed to deliver a competitive advantage. She also challenges her audience to think anew about what they can do differently, who they should join forces with, and how they can become truer, faster themselves so as to succeed in this super-transparent new world.

Doing business in the post financial crisis era: how to front run regulation and gain a competitive advantage.

Noreena Hertz identifies the key socio-political forces that every business leader needs to monitor in order to be able to triumph in this new post financial crisis environment, as well as the concrete steps to take so as to be able to front run regulation and gain competitive advantage.

Generation K: What you need to know about today’s teenagers, tomorrow’s consumers.

Based on her cutting edge proprietary research on this demographic Noreena Hertz shares in this Keynote Speech who this generation are, what they care about, how they behave, what they want, how they consume. Shaped not only be technology but also the worst recession in decades and also a world of heightened geopolitical threat, this generation is manifestly different to previous generations. Whether you are an employer, marketer or politician if you want to future proof your organisation, it’s essential you get to grips with Generation K.

Noreena graduated from university at the age of 19. By 23, she was advising the Russian government on its economic reforms and investors on M&A transactions as the Russian economy opened up to capitalism. At the age of 29 she was working with the governments of Israel, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan on the role economics could play in The Middle East Peace Process.

Noreena’s thinking was the inspiration for Product (RED), which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. Most recently she has been exploring the world of today’s teenagers, who she has coined “Generation K”, with articles published in the UK, US, Europe and China.

The Observer has named her as “one of the world’s leading thinkers”, Vogue has described her as “one of the world’s most inspiring women’. In 2013, she was the Cover Feature of Newsweek.

Noreena’s best-selling books, The Silent Takeover, IOU: The Debt Threat and Eyes Wide Open, are published in 22 countries. She has given Keynote speeches at TED, The World Economic Forum and Google Zeitgeist sharing platforms with President Bill Clinton, James Wolfensohn and David Beckham amongst others.

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