Living Topiary

Interactive Walkabout

The Living Topiary, are an interactive, roaming act which continues to be a crowd pleasing classic!

These ‘still life’ trees can instantly spring to life, surprising unsuspecting passers-by! Providing the ideal interactive element to garden parties, flower shows and weddings to name a few, The Living Topiary are perfect as a meet-and-greet act, welcoming guests upon arrival with a tree huge before escorting them inside.

As a roaming act, The Living Topiary are happy posing for photographs and taking selfies and easily immerse themselves with your guests, bringing them, straight into the root of the entertainment.

Better still, they can be accessorised to fit in with various event themes and styles right down to fairy lights at Christmas time! The Topiary’s are also only bookable as a pair.

For more information or to book...

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