LED Drummers

LED Drumming Act

A magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular the LED drummers are comprised of seven mysterious characters who, composed of light and sound transform the landscape around them.

The show gradually builds in intensity culminating in a huge climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

The LED drummers are a great statement show for Awards and Gala dinners as well as a climatic end to conferences and street parties.

The LED Drummers are highly adaptable and can perform at indoor and outdoor events. They are not restricted to the traditional corporate market, The LED Drummers can perform on the street, in town squares and parks or any other open space.

The real beauty of this particular LED Drumming show is that the colours of both the drums and costumes can be programmed to match your corporate branding or event theme! Whether it’s a company launch, a conference or an after dinner show, it can be tailored specifically to your event creating a spectacle which will live long in people’s memories.

An optional pyrotechnic finale can also be offered dependant on venue.

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