Leanne Spencer

keynote speaker and wellbeing consultant

Beat burnout and have more fun as an Agile Business Athlete

Leanne Spencer is a dynamic and engaging wellbeing speaker specialising in energy, work/life balance and burnout prevention. Leanne uses stories gleamed from her previous experience working in the corporate world with insights derived from over ten years in the health and wellbeing world to create a powerful talk that is packed with value and actionable insights.  Using her unique Agile Business Athlete [TM] methodology, Leanne will show your audience how to beat burnout and maintain great energy by asking the question ‘when are your Wimbledon’s?’

  • PREDICT when the big events are in your life by asking the question ‘when are your Wimbledon’s?’
  • PREPARE for those events the way an athlete would by ‘building your bulletproof’
  • PERFORM when you need to and ‘respect your red flags’
  • RECOVER by taking your foot off the gas pedal – ‘backing off beats burnout’

Leanne Spencer is a keynote speaker and wellbeing consultant and has specialised in wellbeing for over ten years. Leanne has over 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition but began her career in sales and spent over 15 years working in the City of London before leaving in 2012 to set up an award-winning wellbeing company, after suffering from burnout. Leanne is the bestselling author of three books, hosts a podcast and is a Bear Grylls Survival Instructor.

Leanne’s personal values are to live truthfully, considerately and to “suck all the marrow out of life” to paraphrase the poet Thoreau. She facilitates workshops for the charity Diversity Role Models which works to combat homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and has raised over £15,000 for Alzheimer’s Research. Leanne loves sport, fitness, reading, gardening, business, podcasting, and being with her partner, cat and scampish little rescue dog, Kami from Romania. She lives in South London but escapes to the countryside whenever possible.

“Leanne is the real deal. There are a lot of imitators out there who are jumping on the holistic wellbeing bandwagon, but Leanne has been leading the vanguard in a fully authentic and relatable way for some  time now. I couldn’t recommend Leanne highly enough to any organization looking to maximize their  energy, strength and joy.”

Kathryn Partridge, Group Corporate Relations Director, Britvic

“Leanne was the opening keynote speaker at our annual conference, It is hard to put into words the profound effect she had on our near 100 delegates. Leanne delivered her message with such passion, expertise and skill – it lifted the room and set the energy level for the next two days.”

Greg Simidian, CEO, Perfect Information

“I am very happy to have had Leanne as a keynote speaker for our global learning event. Throughout the process, Leanne has been listening to our needs and desires for content for the talk. Really inspiring and vivid digital session.”

Julia Cornu, Global Health & Wellbeing Leader, Ingka Group IKEA

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