Lady Kamikaze

Eclectic Club DJ

DJ LADY KAMIKAZE is The Delicate Lotus Flower of Music afloat On Any Event Which Demands Eclecticism, Fun and Lots of Dance Floor Action. She Is a Hostess & Resident DJ of THE BLACK COTTON CLUB and LADY LUCK CLUB of London UK and has spun at several events across the globe over the years. Hailed for her great knowledge of the classics, Lady Kamikaze’s sets feature many genres of music from the 30’s to the 70’s that catch her ear and heart.

KAMIKAZE, in Japanese translates to “DIVINE WIND”.

DJ & Promoter at some of London’s top vintage nights out, LK’s “Killer No Filler” mixes consistently keep the dance floors active and the dancers mesmerized.

Her musical passion began in the late 80’s in Japan during the Rockabilly resurgence. Through this period and genre, LK also discovered 1930’s and 40’s Blues, Swing and Jazz.

In 2002, whilst visiting London, LK came across the legendary Lady Luck Club where she met DJ/promoter El Nino. It wasn’t long before she was one of the guest DJs and eventually house DJ.

In 2006, along with DJ El Nino, she opened The Black Cotton Club and reintroduced London to the sounds of 1920’s/40’s where, the DJs played only from 78rpm shellac.

LK has blasted out her records at some of the biggest festivals and renowned clubs on the planet from Las Vegas to Istanbul.

She now collects records and spins sounds from the 30’s – 70’s on original 45rpm & 78rpm. Her eclectic mix takes you through a whirlwind journey of; Cumbia, R&B, Swing, Jazz, R&R, Soul, Latin, Ska, Funk, Gospel and much more.

These days you will find her at one of her monthly events “Tropical Yard” and “Chain Gang” or at the annual “Lady Luck Deluxe”.

For more information or to book...

020 7582 3048