Joji Hirota

Taiko Drummer & Composer

An award winning percussionist, Joji’s breath-taking Taiko drumming shows transfix audiences with a thundering display of strength and rhythm.

The Taiko is one of Japan’s most powerful and impressive traditional musical instruments. Playing in the Hokkai Daiko style, Joji has been mesmerising music fans in the UK and around the world for the past 30 years. A highly talented performer, Joji continues to perform concert performances, create compositions (from orchestral pieces for theatre and television to piano pieces, flute and string ensemble music) and Taiko drumming performances (solo and group) for corporate events

Joji Hirota is a Composer, Japanese Taiko Drummer, Multi-Percussionist, Shakuhachi player and Singer.

Joji’s prolific career spans over 30 years and 16 albums, sculpting dynamic landscapes of rhythm and haunting melodies with the themes of nature and the beauty in everyday life. Since receiving a commendation from the UK Japanese Embassy from Ambassador Orita in 2003 for his contribution to Japanese culture overseas through his musical activities, he has continued to work on a vast number of diverse projects, and with his recent ‘Beyond The Requiem’ charity concert tours with the London Metropolitan Orchestra in the UK and Japan, has strived to make a difference by supporting the people affected by the Earthquake disaster of 2011 through music.

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