Heart Prop

Events Heart Installation

An entrancing, illuminated heart rig, the heart instillation is a highly versatile piece of event grandeur available either for hire on its own or to be utilised by almost any act you can imagine.

Whether you’re looking for aerial, burlesque, hand balance, singers or dancers, the heart prop is ideal for a whole host of event themes for use as decoration, an event entrance or even a quirky photo-booth.

Our favourites include, Moulin Rouge, Love themes, Valentine’s Day events as well as product launches looking for a wow moment to remember!

Made available in 2015, the heart prop has been a smash hit with our clients and with being so customisable, The Heart has been a go-to piece of entertainment for many.

For each event we can organise almost any performance you could desire. Whilst the installation itself comes with a trained team on site to install it hassle free and look after it throughout the event!

Available for individual performances to fully themed shows.

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