Hayley Barnard

Expert on Diversity and Inclusion

Hayley Barnard, the equipping leader to champion diversity, is the Managing Director and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd.

Hayley has been previously published within the Times and hello! magazine.

Gaining her success by tackling issues surrounding the unconscious bias and inclusiveness with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value for her audiences’ or working lives.

Hayley uses story telling and anecdotes, as her method to engage her audience when explaining the science behind unconscious bias, using both positive and negative values to explain why balance in the workplace is worth striving for.

Topics include:
• Unconscious bias explained
• How and why everyone is biased
• The role of Positive and negative bias in the work place
• How to recognise your own bias
• How to overcome your own bias
• How to be an inclusive manager/leader

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“Hayley presented at our Senior Management Conference on Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership, we have had fantastic feedback in terms of the great content which was delivered in both an engaging authentic style.”

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