Graffiti Wall

Interactive Digital Installation

Bring the ultimate graffiti experience with a digital twist to your next event. Using ultra-realistic spray cans the wall enables you to design your own graffiti masterpieces without all the mess. The huge canvas and wide colour palette means plenty of space to interact and create, again and again.

This installation is great for people of all skill levels and can also be used as a table screen version for sign in and smaller spaces; the technology also allows for a photo booth option and allows guests to leave with an entirely original piece of personal art at the end of the day or night.

How it works:

The Wall is perfect for people of all skill levels; simply step up to the wall and prepare to unleash your inner artist. Choose your colour… choose your style… and press the cap to spray digital graffiti anywhere on the screen — it’s just like spraying on to a real wall. The clever effects give your creations the look and feel of a professional graffiti artist.

The Smaller Scale –table Screen.

Using the same technology behind the original Wall, a sleek and compact version in the form of an interactive table has been created. The Surface offers a premium and creative solution to sign-in at events, collect feedback or entertain guests. Instead of the spray can users can interact with the table using easy-draw electronic pens.

Additionally the wall can also accommodate a photo booth option, leaving you and your guests to draw not only one their own portrait but others as well. A fun, additional twists which is ideal for entertaining idle hands.                               

Furthermore, guests take their personal piece of art away with them in the form of high quality glossy photographs, printed live at the event.

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