Fascinating Aida

Comedy Singing Group

A British comedy singing group and satirical cabaret act, featuring Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman. To summarise: “Absolutely Fabulous meets Noel Coward, as sung by the Andrew Sisters.”

Following their record-breaking Charm Offensive tour, three Olivier Award nominations and over 15 million YouTube hits for Cheap Flights (their infamous anthem to budget air travel) they’ve returned to the Edinburgh Fringe for seven nights only, with a selection of hot favourites from over 648 years of song, satire and hilarity.

They’ve performed in private sitting rooms and in all the great ballrooms of the best London hotels. They’ve sung in the Dartmouth Bandstand and on the roof of a Devon folly. They’ve sung Sew on a Sequin to a 10,000 strong crowd at Gay Pride.

They’ve performed on a Kenyan beach, and in Palma, Majorca, singing from a palazzo balcony to a largely German-speaking audience of speed-boat fanatics seated about 300 metres away.

So they’ll go anywhere, anytime. Here are some indications of their requirements and recommendations.


Sight lines are very important

Lighting and Sound Equipment

Professional lighting, two large lamps on a bar x 2 will do the trick in a large drawing room or marquee, because it looks rather dismal without some kind of light.

Every room has different acoustic requirements and a site visit will decide what these are. However, it’s a good rule of thumb to say that if there are more than 80 people in the room, we will need sound equipment plus an operator.

Marquees and hotel ballrooms

It’s best to provide a small stage or podium, to make sure there are good sight lines. A site visit or ground plan will be needed to advise on the best place to put the stage.


They will work with an upright if the stage is very confined, especially the little cocktail pianos. Larger upright pianos, however, usually make for sightline difficulties, because they frequently hide the pianist from about a quarter of the guests. They prefer a grand – a 5’ 6” grand. Sadly, they don’t work with electric pianos.

We are happy to advise on piano hire.


A 35-45 minute spot is the recommended length. If they are performing at a formal sit-down dinner, the best moment is to go on once the coffee has been served.

Performing outdoors

Possible with good sound equipment.

The ‘Cabaret heaven’ ***** (Metro).

‘Outrageous… seductive’ **** (Guardian).

‘I can’t recommend this show highly enough’ ***** (Mail on Sunday).

‘Hilarious’ **** (Telegraph).

‘Engages the brain and the funny bone’ ***** (Times).

For more information or to book...

020 7582 3048