Deckstination Unknown

DJ act featuring live musicians

Deckstination Unknown gives guests the opportunity to get behind the decks and become a DJ for the night.
Guests play three of their favourite songs under the close guidance of the professionals, creating an experience that delivers lots of memorable moments. Our live musicians play along to your choice of tunes creating a buzzing atmosphere.

Your guests get to work the decks as they ‘wow’ their colleagues and friends with approx. 15 minutes’ worth of their favourite songs. With a compere to introduce each DJ and a technical helper to support them in using the decks, clients are guaranteed a musical roller coaster that spans every genre from rock to pop, soul to rock ‘n’ roll, dance to disco and much, much more! The skill of our live musicians means they can switch from Gangnam style to Busta Rhymes in a flash.

No DJ experience is necessary as the team will be with the budding DJ’s the whole time, offering technical assistance to guide everyone to DJ superstardom. They are extremely inclusive and encourage everyone to participate, as it’s simply a chance for people that love music to share their favourite songs with their friends and colleagues.

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