Debra Searle

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker, Professional Adventurer and Founder of 5 Companies

Debra Searle MVO, MBE, is a unique and inspiring individual. Debra has won Gold World Championship medals for Great Britain, presented over 40 programmes for the BBC, become the youngest ever trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and successfully rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She has been voted World #1 Female Motivational Speaker in the Global Gurus ranking.

In 2002 Debra was awarded with an MBE and in 2014 with an MVO. She has launched five companies, including MIX Diversity Developers which works with global organisations on their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies. Debra has published three books and has spoken at over 1000 events across 40 countries. The movie of her solo Atlantic row is currently in development in Hollywood.

In a likeable and approachable manner Debra seeks to challenge delegates thinking with her motivational speeches, and is truly passionate about what she does. Having delivered over a thousand speeches worldwide she uses insight from her sport and business experience to inspire delegates to ‘Choose Your Attitude’ so that teams are left with motivating key messages and strategies that can be used in their day to day working life.

A list of Debra’s achievements include being awarded a First Class Honours degree, launching three companies, winning World Championship medals for Great Britain, presenting over 40 programmes for the BBC, becoming the youngest ever trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, publishing two books and successfully rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Debra also runs a diversity training & consultancy business, helping organisations maximise the opportunities present in a diverse workforce and customer base and also speaks enthusiastically on these topics.

Keynote Topics

Debra’s most popular keynote speeches are;

Choose Your Attitude!

Debra’s most popular keynote is ‘Choose Your Attitude!’ sharing the story of her remarkable row across the Atlantic following her former husband’s premature departure from their small wooden boat.

Debra speaks from the heart and with great humour about her personal journey of discovery and the strategies she used to keep going and now uses in her business life to help illustrate, in a very human way, what we are all capable of. Messages include:

Strategies for not just coping but excelling during periods of change

Personal motivation and productivity

Team work and positive relationships

Achieving seemingly impossible goals

Commitment and perseverance

Personal performance when under pressure

Be The Change

In this hard-hitting keynote speech Debra covers the topics of unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion, specifically focusing on Gender Balance in the work place.

Diversity and Inclusion can be a very dry topic yet it is essential to best business practice. Debra brings the topic to life with amusing anecdotes and gracious stories about her own struggles with stereotyping. As founder of MIX Diversity Developers Ltd, Debra has worked with many organisations to create innovative programmes to increase diversity at all levels of the organisation. Debra helps delegates to understand:

What is unconscious bias

How we can recognize it in ourselves

How to build a more inclusive approach to work and recruitment

Why ‘difference’ is good in business

Steps to take to increase your gender intelligence as a manager

How to sensitively speak up for diversity

“What can I say? You were simply phenomenal! I had no doubt as to the impact that you would have, however what I did not expect was the scale of the impact. Your presentation was perfect. I could not have envisioned a more motivational and appropriate speech to such a (sometimes!) cynical audience. I can safely say that you have touched the hearts and minds of 338 people sitting in that auditorium. The feedback was simply awesome!”

Andy Moody, Boehringer Ingleheim

“We have had so much positive feedback about your talk and your friendly interaction with the guests was fantastic, so thank you very much. When I got in to the office today everyone was talking about what their attitude was going to be for the day!”

Linda Johnson, KPMG

“People really valued the fact that Debra is able to draw parallels between her adventure experiences and her working/daily life, having run her own companies – and that she does so in a way that is personal to her and offered simply as a thought to the group rather than drawing sweeping generalised conclusions and laying them down as law in the way some speakers can.”

Debra Westlake, UBS

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