Cedric Dumont

Red Bull Athlete and Psychologist

Cedric Dumont is a leader in the world of base jumping and wingsuit flying and since 1999 has been part of the Red Bull team.

Cedric Dumont was born in Brussels, Belgium and from a very young age participated in action and adventure sports.

In addition to his standing as an action sports athlete, Cedric is a graduate of Applied Sports & High-Performance Psychology, and a multi-linguist who began by providing his fellow professional athletes with a mental advantage and skillset required to reach their goals and unleash their full potential.

Cedric presents an elite vision and inspirational perspective to High-Performance Psychology. In extreme conditions where you are expected to deliver and assess risks, hyper-awareness has been the basis of his reliable performance and survival, it’s flow or die!

“It’s all about living a comprehensive lifestyle and being in the present moment.  This includes energy management and feeding the mind with healthy insights and generating positive thoughts.”

Cedric divides his days with expeditions, wingsuit flying, speaking engagements, writing and consulting with elite athletes and major companies across the globe.

His key focus is highlighting that performance and productivity can only be achieved with a purpose-driven mindset, passion and presence.

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