Cate Trotter

Retail Trends Expert

Cate Trotter is a retail trends expert and keynote speaker.

Cate is the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a leading London-based retail futures agency that helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail spaces.

It does this by clarifying what’s coming next in the world of retail, and what clients can do to get ahead of their competitors.

Regularly presenting to groups of 4-400 people, Cate has spoken to a number if international brands including: Unilever, Chanel, Absolut Vodka, Marks and Spencer, Philips, B&Q, DeLonghi and Lego.

Cate Trotter specialises in navigating complicated subjects and boiling them down into a handful of powerful takeaways.

Cate’s retail trend presentations leave audiences inspired, energised and enthused, with the clarity and confidence to take action when they return to their desk.

Cate’s presentations outline a handful of the most important retail trends for the next 2-5 years.

Each trend is introduced and supported by thorough market research and data, to demonstrate the shift taking place and to show the opportunity’s scale.

Cate highlights different examples of businesses who are already tapping into each trend, providing inspiration and clearer understanding of how audiences and clients can apply the trends to their own advantage.

Insights are drawn from market research, data, plus Insider Trends interviews with retail tech experts and the companies shaping the future.

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