Blaire Palmer

How to work in the future

“There’s no room for punks in suits. Just real heroes who can really kick ass”.

Speaker Blaire Palmer gives organisations the edge. Through deeper thinking & content Blaire reveals the transformative and agile leadership businesses need in our fast changing, fast paced world.

With her no-nonsense, straight talking style, Blaire shakes up our thinking and inspires audiences with her fresh ideas. Focusing on the need to re-think leadership and ways of working for the 21st century; she encourages audiences to challenge everything they thought they knew about leadership and ways of working.

Audiences love her energy, her down to earth approach and her depth of knowledge.

Her working life is split between intense discussions with leaders, holding workshops, moderating conferences and speaking to audiences around the world.

Topics & Themes

• The Future of Leadership
• Current Trends
• Change & Digital Disruption
• Future of the Workplace
• Trust in Leadership

Blaire Palmer is at the forefront of new thinking about what it means to lead in the 21st century. In her keynote speeches she busts the myths of leadership and presents a model of the kinds of leaders our business, and our world, need now.

Based on 16 years of working with Boards and senior teams as a coach and “agent provocateur”, Blaire shares her thought-provoking ideas with audiences around the world, inspiring them to find ways to start running their companies in partnership with their people, lose the ego around leadership and re-think what leaders are here for in the post-Industrial, Personalised Age.

As one of the youngest female producers of the BBC’s flagship “Today Programme” Blaire spent a decade breaking stories and shaping the UK news agenda before her fascination with leadership and change led her to train as one of the UK’s first corporate coaches.

Since then she’s become a world authority on leadership, writing 3 successful books on the subject in the process and is regularly quoted in the media. Her new book, Punks in Suits – Personalised Leadership in a Bossless World, is published later this year.

Unlike many speakers on the subject her interest isn’t academic. She doesn’t speak as a business school professor or as a former CEO trying to generalise from one unique experience. Instead, Blaire draws on her insights as a coach, confidante and agent provocateur for CEOs who has spent the last decade and a half, and most of her days even now when she isn’t speaking to audiences, supporting and guiding leaders as they shape their company. Her speeches give audiences unparalleled insight in to what’s happening in the most innovative Boardrooms in the UK and Europe, trends she’s spotting in her work and what actually works (and doesn’t) in real businesses.

“A must have for any conference”.

Nicole Hardaker, EAIE CONFERENCE Programme Coordinator

“I don’t think we would have achieved the success we did without the determined, consistent, honest and challenging support that Blaire brought to the project”

Steve Hardy, AXA Personal Lines Former CEO

“The results were immediate for us as a team and for the business”

David Plester, Babcock Infrastructure MD

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