Andy Pag

The Ethical Explorer

Inspiring eco adventurer, BBC reporter and sustainability speaker Andy Pag is constantly battling his passion for sustainability and love of big engines.

As part of a TV series of trial expeditions searching for a way to travel sustainably, Andy spent two years driving around the world in a very unique mobile home; a track yard salvaged school bus he powered with second hand cooking oil.

Andy is a popular speaker on sustainability and clients appreciate his passion, knowledge and humour at after dinner talks, conference keynotes and educational talks. He is also a brilliant host and conference facilitator drawing on his experience as a BBC TV reporter bringing the daily news and hard hitting investigations to viewers.


  • Inspirational
  • Ethical & Sustainability
  • Eco-adventure
  • Green Energy
  • Communication
  • World Travel
  • Innovative Engineering

An engineer and award-winning investigative journalist, Andy’s spirit of adventure led to twelve years of heading up vehicle-based expeditions to remote part of Africa and the Sahara Desert until he was inspired to change the elements of his life that were unsustainable.  He experimented with alternative ways of powering his overland journeys.

He has also driven a chocolate-powered lorry to Timbuktu and organised the ‘Grease to Greece’ rally for cars fuelled on restaurant scraps.

Andy’s entertaining talks explore how each experimental eco-adventure has taken him closer to understanding exactly what sustainability really means and ever more clues on how to achieve it.

Andy tailors each talk following a telephone briefing with the client.

Themes can include:

Being green (It’s not easy being green)

Reality of sustainability

Staying Motivated in Tough Times

Teamwork and engaging with Communities across Cultures

Embracing Change

Travel & Transport

Science, technology & engineering

Andy’s expertise extends beyond environmental and sustainable issues and he can encourage meaningful debate and engage audiences on a broad range of current issues and themes.  Contact us for more information.

‘Andy enthralled the crowd with this beautiful and exciting story. Of all the speakers at the conference, Andy’s talk stood out as unique and inspiring.’

Eurochocolate Conference

‘Andy is a thought provoking and highly entertaining speaker. Starting the talk with a picture of himself naked certainly captured the

attention of the audience. And it only got more interesting after that.’

Weiden Kennedy Advertising Agency

‘From all the feedback we have received your presentation was informative, well-delivered and appreciated by the audience.  Feedback from the delegates was very favourable.’

Biofuels Media

‘Andy’s visit fired the imagination of our pupils, triggering debate and contributions from even the shyest pupils of the school.’

The New International School of Thailand

‘Andy gave a good account of his tour around the world which was well-received by all.  Andy was a good and entertaining diversion from normal tunnel issues.  Many thanks.’

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