Allister Frost

Former Microsoft leader and the How to Keep Up Expert Speaker

Allister is the former Microsoft leader who makes positive change exciting for everyone. An award-winning keynote speaker and business trainer, his mission is to inspire others to rediscover their passion for change, so they keep up and realise their full life and work potential. Listening to Allister helps audiences focus on the surprisingly low-tech, human skills we will need to thrive alongside robots and advancing forms of artificial intelligence. In a world of unstoppable acceleration, his rallying cry to audiences around the world is to “Catch up, keep up, and never ever give up!”

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“Allister did a fabulous job holding the attention of our attendees. I’ve heard rave reviews from our guests and co-workers alike and am thrilled with the job he did for us!” Autodesk, USA

“Allister scored 4.97 out of 5 which is the best score we ever had. Attendees are amazed with the level of energy, interactivity, and creativity and your hands-on approach.” Hura! Croatia

“Allister Frost’s keynote yesterday gave us just the high energy start we needed.  It was great to see so much discussion going on. We had a lot of positive feedback and people have referenced back to the keynote in other conversations. Thanks once again.” UK Sport & Team GB