The Visual DJ

DJ AFISHAL combines drumming, music and visuals in his powerful live show! He remixes music on the fly whilst simultaneously triggering incredible live graphics – all completely live! This Visual DJ Show is revolutionizing the EDM scene, already racking up millions of views on YouTube.

AFISHAL is a true pioneer in the world of electronic music. A relentless drive to innovate, natural talent for drumming and his passion for music culminated in the birth of Visual DJ’ing.

He’s enjoyed huge success off the back of several viral hits like his remix of Avicii’s Without You which is currently at 29-million plays and counting!

The hard graft has certainly paid off – partly in the form of collaborations with titans like Afrojack, DJ Fresh, Spinnin’ Records, No Copyright Sound and even Netflix!

Afishal has delivered show-stopping performances to 20,000 ravers at TechFest as well as broadcasting live to 120-million viewers from a 25,000 cap stadium in China – so it goes without saying this Visual DJ’s know how to move a crowd!

The Visual DJ Show’s greatest strengths is its versatility! The AFISHAL team has secured a reputation as industry leaders when it comes to bespoke productions. They’ve created custom performances for likes of TikTok, UEFA, Bentley, United Airlines and Marriott Hotels.

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