Aerial Dance

Aerial dance act – silks, straps and hoops

If you’re not looking for ground based work or even a hand balance artist let us suggest the Aerial Dance, through the hoop and the rope, Erika’s agile body spins to enclose enchanting spaces in a sparkling array of ever-changing combinations.

This piece impresses with its dynamic power; it enchants and stirs the passions of those lucky enough to see it.

Erika was born in Quebec, Canada. She began her extraordinary journey through the art of dance with her first ballet class, aged 4.After a short career in conventional gymnastics; she soon found her passion as a performing circus artist, soon becoming the youngest and most prominent member of Cirque Eos.

Erika was only 14 when she attended her first European performance at Belgium’s international circus festival “La Piste aux Espoirs”. Her performance marked a stunning start to her international career, winning her the Public’s Choice Award’s, and the Gold Medal. Other tours with major international circuses were to follow – in Canada, the USA, Europe, Middle and South America.

In 2003, Erika became a freelance artist, receiving awards from the most prestigious world-class festivals and building a successful career in the niche market of very exclusive events worldwide.

When she is not touring for worldwide performances, Erika lives between Milan, Italy and Quebec, Canada where she continues to push her own boundaries, and those of “Nouveau Cirque”, to create the amazing spectacles for which she is loved around the world.

“Tonight, at the sea front terrace of Quintessentially, Win Win Azimut, we are witnessed a spectacular defiance of gravity by Erika Lemay leaving an audience all sceptics, lost for words, no second takes, no special effects, just a pure human body.”
— Pure TV, Italia

“The instant I watched Erika Lemay perform, I was inspired by her celestial grace. This moved me to create this Homage to her exceptional talent.”

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