TEAM WORK & MOTIVATION | The Key To Profitability an interview with Adam Tuffnell

Speaker Interview


Speaker and Insights Discovery practitioner, Adam offers clients a multitude of engaging and insightful talks and workshops both on and off the water.

With a background in psychology Adam offers teams more than just a motivational speech or workshop, instead Adam’s speech, “Leading From Within” uses real life examples of times team work has failed and how your team can learn from their own mistakes and that of others. Practitioner of the program, Insights Discovery, this two day course can help clients reassess their organisation and how it communicates as a whole.

Thankfully we managed to pin this fantastic speaker down for a quick session of “The Green Couch” to see what this inspirational individual has been up to and what he’s looking forward to in the year to come! From yoga to being confused for smugglers in Helsinki! It seems that the life of a skipper and Psychologist is never dull! Read on for our full interview with the man himself, Adam Tuffnell.

What is coming up this year that you are most looking forward to?


I actually started 2015 by speaking at a global conference in Madrid where I explored a brief on New Leadership! Coming up I also have some great projects working with businesses, developing leadership and teams alike.

On a personal note, I have recently taken up some training for the mind in the form of Karate and Yoga – Where I am enjoying learning new skills and practices! Interested

What would you say has been your most challenging event so far?

Event-wise, things have run fairly smoothly. On the water, the biggest challenge I have personally faced was leading through a crisis of skippering a yacht as it was sinking in the teeth of a violent Atlantic Storm, some 1500 miles from dry land.

Tell us one thing that nobody else knows about you?

I believe that it’s good to move outside of your comfort zone every so often; I however intend to go beyond that and tackle something that scares me to the bone . . . appearing at an open mic night in a comedy club; I feel nervous just thinking about it!

First or favourite corporate event?

That feels quiet straight forward since they are one and the same! Being invited by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, as a guest speaker to talk on leadership which was a great privilege and experience!

Speaking topics include:


Partnering, innovating and capacity building with suppliers to create social impact and environmental best practice to comply with ethical standards. How to communicate to your customers and stakeholders to build sales and brand loyalty.

After Dinner Speaker

Light hearted and fun. Adam brings tales from the ocean waves, ashore to the comfort of your event. Sharing highs and lows, this presentation is suitable for all audiences. Adam’s unique presenting style also makes him the ideal host for your awards event.

Conference Speaker

Communicating best practice to customers and stakeholders to promote engagement and new environmental and social initiatives.How to create initiatives to deliver and show commitment to social value with examples of successful initiatives in Europe, Japan and Asia.


Working with teams and leaders in different stages of development, Adam has a number of development tools at his disposal to support the creation of a platform where excellence can be discovered.


Working with teams on the water, Adam and his team draw on their vast experience leading and training teams in the field – leaving you and your people with essential skills to employ in your office environment.

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